SuperDrew and the Betrayal of Donhil Corp

SuperDrew and the Betrayal of Donhil Corp Who says kids can't make a difference in the adult world? Not SuperDrew, and he's proved it big time.

Not only did Drew and Jazz sneak into Donhil Corporation and uncover their secret supervillain plans, but they even negotiated a shaky truce with CEO Lungowe to get them out safely. They could call it quits there and count themselves lucky. But that would mean letting Donhil Corp win, wiping out humanity's free will in the name of world peace. Like they could let that happen.

Keeping up the fight is easier said than done, though. While they've been enduring the most epic groundings known to man, Ms. Lungowe has poured all her resources into a huge project that would seal humanity's fate for good. If Drew and Jazz can't stop her, they can kiss things like creativity and individuality goodbye.

Drew and Jazz will have to navigate unfamiliar territory, master new gadgets, and trust new allies—not to mention dodging all of Ms. Lungowe's hypervigilant goons—to stop her and Donhil's plans. It's a tall order, even for SuperDrew. Is it more than they can handle?

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"Breakneck video game-esque spy adventures" – Kirkus Reviews

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