Soul of the Guardian: A Guardians of Taron Novella

Soul of the Guardian One moment all is normal, the next... insanity. Scores of people drop dead, their minds ripped to shreds. All that's left is a twisted corpse with alien eyes, and what survivors remain are given no explanation.

Ryanne and Kole beg relief from the Guardian, a sometimes-doubted mythical being who watches over the world, but this is beyond even his mighty powers. This is an invasion, a parasitic race determined to make humanity their next meal. In order to free their people from the monsters' hunger, the Guardian, Ryanne, and Kole will have to pool all their abilities... and decide what's worth sacrificing to save the whole of mankind.

Witness the birth of the legendary Bok'Tarong and the beginnings of the Entana war in this prequel to Soul of the Blade!

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